Power Team Sidewinder/ MiniJacks

Sidewinder Mini Jacks 5-20 Ton Power Team

•Retracted height of just 2 and 9/16" for the smallest jack and 5 and 1/8" for the 20 ton, allows you to slip this jack into the narrowest of crevices.

•Jacks operate either horizontally or vertically. Handles function in line with base for easier use in confined spaces.

•The perfect addition to any toolbox, this remarkable little jack has multiple uses that are limited only by your imagination. Use it as a jack or a spreader. Use it to turn your mechanical gear puller (puller capacity must match jack capacity) into a hydraulic puller. Use it vertically or horizontally in limited clearance situation.

•Meets ASME B30.1 standard

9105A, 9210A, 9220A, 9205A Sidewinder Mini Jacks 5 - 20 Ton

These Compact Sidewinder Mini Jacks fit in your palm and Deliver up to 20 Tons of Lifting Force

Economy Toe Jack Dimensional Drawing


Economy Toe Jacks J24T, J55T, J106T Dimensions
Economy Toe Jacks J24T, J55T, J106T Ordering information

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