Power Team Economy Toe Jacks

Economy Toe Jacks 2-10 Ton Power Team

•These bottle jack-style toe jacks are loaded with many of the same features as our standard bottle jacks, but the toe-lift feature and swiveling pump handle socket make them ideal for machinery lifting and positioning.

•An internal pressure relief provides added safety by limiting the jack's lifting capability to the capacity of the toe.

•Spring return is an added feature on the larger jacks.

•Swiveling pump handle assembly available on the 5 and 10-ton models. The swiveling jack assembly allows you to access and pump the unit from numerous positions.

•Meets ASME B30.1 standard

J24T, J55T, J106T Economy Toe Jacks 2, 5, 10 Ton

Just The Power You Need at a Price You Can Afford

Economy Toe Jack Dimensional Drawing


Economy Toe Jacks J24T, J55T, J106T Dimensions
Economy Toe Jacks J24T, J55T, J106T Ordering information

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