V12 Globe Vane Air Motor

V12 Vane Air Motor

Model: V12
Reversible 14kW vane air motor. Nema and IEC configuration available. ATEX rated II 2 GD c T5


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Temperature Range -4°F to +176°F / -20°C to +80°C

Some motors are capable of running oil free. Please ask MacScott Bond Ltd for more details.

Airline Filtration and Lubrication - Use a 64 micron filtration or better.  Choose a lubricator suitable for the flow required.  Prior to initial start-up, inject oil into the inlet port.  Lubricator drop rate: 8-10 drops/minute continuous operation. Lubrication drop rate 14-16 drop/minute intermittent operation.

All information as supplied by Globe.

Reading Graphs

Scales have been adjusted to enable bar and psi to be read from a common curve. Therefore
only read psi with the left hand axis and bar with the right hand axis.

Motor performance can be derived from the above graphs as in the examples shown.
Where motors are not required to start under load, such as fan drives, selection may be made using either Graph 1 or Graph 3 using the required running torque or power only. For applications where the motor starts under load, such as hoists, winches or track drives, the starting torque in Graph 2 must also be considered.  Starting torque varies between the maximum and minimum values shown, depending on the angular position of the output shaft.

VS12C Diagram Dimensions

The Globe Vane motors are most suitable for light duties and higher speed operations and can be supplied direct coupled to gearboxes.

A variety of operating conditions can be achieved by utilisation of pressure regulators and flow control valves.

The motors are rated to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU, Group II Category 2 G D c T5 

V1 Vane Motor

Order Code:VA1

Compact and lightweight, reversible 0.44kW vane air motor. With 1/4" NPT inlet ports. ATEX rated II 2 GD c T5

V2 Vane Motor

Order Code:VA2C, VS2C, VA2J, VA2X

Lightweight, reversible 0.82kW vane air motor. With 3/8" NPT inlet ports. ATEX rated II 2 GD c T5

V4 Vane Motor

Order Code:VA4C, VS4C, VA4J, VA4X

Lightweight, reversible 2.1kW vane air motor. With 1/2" NPT inlet ports. ATEX rated II 2 GD c T5

V6 Vane Motor

Order Code:VA6C, VS6C, VA6J, VA6X

Lightweight, reversible 3.4kW vane air motor. With 3/4"NPT inlet ports. ATEX rated II 2 GD c T5

V8 Vane Motor

Order Code:VA8C, VS8C, VA8J, VA8X

Lightweight, reversible 5.4kW vane air motor. With 1" NPT inlet ports. ATEX rated II 2 GD c T5

V10 Vane Motor

Order Code:VA10C, VS10C, Va10JX

Reversible 9.5kW vane air motor. With 1 1/4" NPT inlet ports. ATEX rated II 2 GD c T5

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