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Choosing Your Pump

Once you have an appropriate hydraulic cylinder selected for your application, the next step is to select the series of hydraulic pump best suited to your application.

Narrow the range down looking at the oil output and reservoir capacity needed to power your cylinder.  (There is a selection chart below)

Then select the pump within your chosen series and work out which valve option is best suited to your hydraulic cylinder and application.

To help you make an informed choice we have given some further advice below: 

Cylinder Pump Selection Chart

What is the maximum pressure (bar) required for operating your application?

How much oil is required and how quickly?

For manual pumps this is measured in cm³ of oil per handle stroke; for powered pumps l/min of oil.

Do you want a single or two speed pump?

Two-speed pumps deliver high oil volume at low pressure for rapid cylinder piston advance, then shift to the high pressure, low volume stage under load.

How do you want to operate the pump?

• Manual (hand or foot)

- Can be used where electricity or shop air is not available

• Air

- Uses shop air or a portable air compressor

• Electric

- What voltage is available? Do you want a battery? Is CE required where you are?

• Fuel

- These power high-output pumps at remote job sites where air or electricity are unavailable

Do you need to be able to move the pump around?

There are some Power Team hydraulic pump options available from MacScott Bond that are built for simple portability.

How will the pump be used?

• Will the pump be used intermittently, or will it need to provide high-cycle operation?

• Does the application start with the pump under load?

Is fluid heat build-up a factor in your application?

High cycle applications may require a larger capacity oil reservoir for cooling. If you are using large displacement cylinders, it is worth bearing in mind that the reservoir capacity must be sufficient to fully extend the piston of the cylinder.

How many cylinders?

The reservoir size and pump output levels will need to be sized according to the application’s requirement.

Noise Requirement?

Think about the noise level appropriate for your application. We have dBA levels for a number of pumps so you can choose a tolerable level.

Where will it be used?

Does the pump need to be able to work in a spark-free environment?

Remember that MacScott Bond are specialists in hydraulic engineering so if you are in doubt please contact us (0131 448 2950 / enquiries@macscott.com) and we will happily guideyou to the right solution.

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Please feel free to contact our sales team or one of our engineers for more information about how MacScott Bond can help you.


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