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Portable High Tonnage Jacks

Portable High Tonnage Jacks

Models Railroad Edition and Modular Design (55 - 150 Ton)
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Order Codes:

Railroad Edition: PLE6014K | PLA6014K | PLE6014K-220 | (for 100 Tons Please consult MacScott Bond)

Modular: JEM5526 | JAM10033 | JAR10033 | JEM15026 | JAM15033

Portable and compact, these jacks are ideal for locomotive and railcar, mining and heavy equipment maintenance.


Railroad Jacks

•The bottom of the cylinder is a bolted joint, using the base plate as part of the cylinder. This will allow for service of even the oldest or most abused jacks.

•Cribbing storage rack location is such that it will allows easy access during cribbing placement and removal.

•Remote operation (20 ft./6,1 m. remote) for user safety and control.

•Easy to maneuver, large tires and small footprint make it easy to get into tight spaces.

•Adjustable handle, easy to position the jack under loads.

1000806 - Parts List

Rail Jack Specification
Rail Jack Dimensions

* C Models include RJ-CB-S crib set

**609.6mm - E models include RJ-EXT-S1

Cross939.8mm - E includes RJ-EXT-S set

PL Jacks

•Patented load lowering valve. Lowers load smoothly and safely. Eliminates dangerous chatter and bounce.

•Full range of rod extensions. Jack comes fully equipped with extensions to match lifting pad heights on most rolling stock. Maximum lifting height to 70" (1.778 mm).

•Low collapsed height, long stroke. 24" (609,6 mm) collapsed height for low clearance lift pads. 14" (355,6 mm) stroke for maximum lift.

•Contact factory for lower collapsed heights.

•Adjustable, ergonomic handle. Handle tilts to start the job and is easily locked/ unlocked without moving from operating position.

•Cribbing block set with handles and convenient storage rack. Provides solid mechanical load holding.

•High-profile, low rolling resistance, foamfilled tires. Jack can be moved and positioned with minimal effort. No chance of downtime due to punctured tires.

•Electric and air motor options.

•Contact factory for custom cribbing block sizes and piston rod extensions.

PL portable high tonnage Jack Spec
PL portable high tonnage Jack Dimensions

102463 - Operating Instructions

108021 - Parts List

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