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Motion Control System

Motion Control System

MCS Series (Synchronised Lifting and Lowering System)
Power Team

MCS-PE554-8 | MCS-PQ1204-8 | MCS-PQ1204-460-8 | MCS-PQ1204-50-220-8 | MCS-PQ1204-50-380-8

The Power Team Motion Control System is designed for applications where load position is paramount. The system will synchronise your hydraulic cylinders to lift, lower, push, pull, tilt or position heavy loads accuarately and automatically.

Controlled by a PLC, this system combines digital actuation and control to allow valuable time savings, repeatability, and exceptionally low internal stress on the moving load. The movement will also be documented by the system.

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Motion Control System Dimensions

The Main Benefit of a Motion Control System (MCS)

Internal Stress Reduction

Digitally controlled movement of an object allows users to specify the parameters and prevents unnecessary stresses caused when an operator  may bend or twist the object by applying different forces during a movement.

When a large object is stationary, internal stresses are normalised. Stress in an object can easily cause costly repairs or damage.

The MCS system's  controlled positioning will manage the stresses created by synchronously lifting or lowering the object in unison.

Common applications include:

  • Bridge lifting, repositioning, maintenance & launching.
  • Controlled movement and positioning of heavy equipment, buildings, concrete segments and other construction components.
  • Structural testing in civil engineering.
  • Lifting, weighing and/or determining center of gravity.
  • Structure raising, leveling & shoring.
Motion Control System HMI Interface
Motion Control System Key Features

Key Features
•Basic systems includes eight (8) jacking points, contact Power Team for larger MCS system requirements.
•Positioning, lifting or lowering accuracy of +/- 1 mm (0.040 in).
•Safety features included: full stop due to power failure, sensor failure, pressure overload, tolerance error, uncontrolled load movement, etc.
•Intuitive graphic, touch screen control.
•Displayed information included: startup diagnostics, position of lift points relative to starting position, pressure at each lift point, status of each cylinder and status of alarms.
•MCS works with a wide range of cylinders types, tonnages and strokes to meet your application requirements.
•Operating pressure (up to) 10,000 psi (700 bar).

Touch Screen Enclosure
•Weather tight enclosure protects your investment while in storage.
•Hinged cover provides protection for HMI touch screen.
•Designed to act as a sun screen in bright conditions.

Data Log and Report

The Power Team MCS has the capability to record the position of each location during the project and can export the data to a .csv file which can be used to create a graph for reports and presentations.

MCS Specification

Cylinder Selection

  • Always choose a cylinder with a tonnage rating of 20% or more than what is required to lift or position the load.
  • Power Team offers a wide variety of single, double, lock nut, pancake and center hole cylinders to meet your requirements.

Click here to see the range.

Data Example

Safety Features

The Power Team Motion Control System (MCS) has numerous safety features built into the digital controller which safely stop the movement in the event of an alarm. In addition, there are backup mechanical features which function even in the event of a power loss.

Safety Features


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