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ACE Controls Safety Shock Absorbers

Safety Shock Absorbers

Designed for emergency runaway situations, safety shock absorbers serve as reliable, effective protection for your machines.  These are available to customer's requirements depending on your application.  ACE controls' safety shock absorbers are machine elements to brake moving masses in a defined end position in emergency stop situations for axial forces.  The safety shock absorbers are not designed for regular operational usage. 

ACE Controls Safety Bumpers

Safety Bumpers

The TUBUS series is suitable for emergency stopping, as overrun protection or as end stop dampers.  The ideal solution for applications that don't need instant deceleration and when working in extreme conditions.  The TUBUS TC profile damper has been specially developed for crane equipment applications meeting industry standards OSHA and CMAA.  The TC-S design employs a unique dual concept to achieve the spring rate required for crane systems.

MacScott Bond are pleased to offer ACE controls line of safety motion control products to ensure that your machines are given the protection they need in the worst case scenario.

These products offer Emergency braking to slow moving loads and reduce damaging forces.  They come into their own in emergency stop situations, giving cost-effective protection whilst also being simple to integrate into existing designs, independent of energy supplies.

So take a look at the safety shock absorbers and TUBUS bumpers that are on offer to find out how to give your machines the best protection.

All ACE controls CAD data is available online here.

Alternatively, you can download the ACE controls CAD Library for offline use.

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