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ACE Controls Profile Dampers TUBUS TA


Axial Damping
Energy capacity: 17.7 in-lbs/Cycle to 17,825 in-lbs/Cycle
Max stroke: 0.20 in to 1.89 in

These compact (Ø 12 mm to Ø 116 mm), cost-effective TUBUS profile dampers from ACE controls are ideal end position dampers and are easily installed with the provided special screw.  These maintenance-free dampers absorb energy within a range of   2 Nm to 2,951 Nm and absorb most of the energy at the start of the stroke.

ACE Controls Profile Dampers TUBUS TS


Axial Soft Damping
Energy capacity: 17.7 in-lbs/Cycle to 7,983 in-lbs/Cycle
Max stroke: 0.28 in to 2.20 in

The compact (Ø 14 mm to Ø 107 mm) TUBUS soft profile dampers are suitable for emergency stop and end position damping for hydraulic, pneumatic and handling equipment. These are also maintenance-free and softly absorb energy within a range of   2 Nm to 966 Nm to minimise stress on the machine. 

ACE Controls Profile Dampers TUBUS TR


Radial Damping
Energy capacity: 10.6 in-lbs/Cycle to 1,018 in-lbs/Cycle
Max stroke: 0.67 in to 2.36 in

The TUBUS TR profile damper is available in sizes Ø 29mm to Ø 100mm and is an ideal addition as end position dampers in linear axes, in hydraulic, pneumatic, or other applications.  Per stroke extending they absorb 1.2 Nm to 146 Nm with progressive energy reduction at the end of the stroke heating only slightly to provide consistent damping.

ACE Controls Profile Dampers TUBUS TR - H


Radial Damping

Hard Version
Energy capacity: 23.9 in-lbs/Cycle to 2,567 in-lbs/Cycle
Max stroke: 0.59 in to 2.20 in

The TUBUS TR-H profile damper is designed with a harder mixture of materials for higher radial energy absorption.  Available in sizes Ø 30 mm to Ø 102 mm, these provide an option between the progressive TR and almost linear TS models absorbing 2.7 Nm to 427 Nm with the very long and soft action of the basic TR model.

ACE Controls Profile Dampers TUBUS TR-L


Radial Damping

Long Version
Energy capacity: 63.7 in-lbs/Cycle to 68,151 in-lbs/Cycle
Max stroke: 0.67 in to 4.25 in

The TUBUS TR-L Series of profile dampers has been specially developed for a maximum stroke with a minimum height and a range of 7.2 Nm to 10,780 Nm. The absorption capacity is dependent on the length of the selected tube damper. available in sizes between Ø 29 mm and Ø 188 mm can be used where impact or collision protection is necessary along a straight line.

ACE Controls Profile Dampers TUBUS TR-HD


Radial Damping

Heavy Duty Version
Energy capacity: 3,585 in-lbs/Cycle to 104.793 in-lbs/Cycle
Max stroke: 0.58 in to 1.09 in

The TUBUS TR-HD Series of profile dampers are the heavy duty version on the basic TR model, offering higher force and energy absorption (405 Nm to 11,840 Nm) progressively covered by strokes of 12 mm to 44 mm. These dampers are used in agricultural technology and on shovels or break joints on construction machines as well as on loading and lifting or similar equipment.

Ace Controls Profile Dampers

Profile Dampers

A cost-effective damping option from ACE controls is the popular TUBUS series of profile dampers.  These are a great alternative when deceleration does not need to be precise and for continuous duty, particularly under extreme conditions.  There are over 140 different versions to choose from and are a good way of dealing with small installation spaces. 

These profile dampers are designed with co-polyester elastomer and are highly resilient absorbers lasting up to 1 million cycles.   They are affordable, compact, light and absorb energy with different damping characteristics depending on the design.

So take a look at the range of ACE Controls' profile dampers on offer and ask MacScott Bond for more information.

All ACE controls CAD data is available online here.

Alternatively, you can download the ACE controls CAD Library for offline use.

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