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Miniature Shock Absorbers ACE Controls
ACE Controls Shock Absorbers MC5 to MC75

MC5 to MC75

Energy capacity: 6 in-lbs/Cycle to 75 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 0.16 in to 0.40 in

Compact, short overall length shock absorber with low return forces.  Produced from one solid piece with threaded body, these are ready to install and are self compensating for changing conditions.

ACE Controls Shock Absorbers MC150 to MC600

MC150 to MC600

Energy capacity: 175 in-lbs/Cycle to 1,200 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 0.50 in to 1.00 in

Exceptionally high endurance, self-compensating, shock absorbers with hermetically sealed rolling diaphragm technology.  An integrated positive stop and progressive energy capacities, with a wide range of effective weight.

ACE Controls Shock Absorbers  Stainless Steel MC150 V4A to MC600 V4A

MC150-V4A to MC600-V4A

Energy capacity: 175 in-lbs/Cycle to 1,200 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 0.50 in to 1.00 in

Based on the MC150 to MC600 these stainless steel (AISI 316L) shock absorbers share the features of the standard units. For example, self-compensating, hermetically sealed rolling diaphragm technology and an integrated positive stop.

ACE Controls Shock Absorbers MA30 to MA900

MA30 to MA900

Energy capacity: 31 in-lbs/Cycle to 900 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 0.28 in to 1.58 in

Meet your customer's application needs with maximum flexibility from these precisely adjustable shock absorbers. Rolling diaphragm technology. Lower reaction forces for soft damping. These are maintenance-free and ready-to-install.

ACE Controls Shock Absorbers SC190 to SC925

SC190 to SC925

Energy capacity: 225 in-lbs/Cycle to 975 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 0.63 in to 1.58 in

'Soft contact' hydraulic shock absorbers with long stroke, integrated positive stop and soft impact.  These are self-compensating, maintenance-free and read-to-install.  All to provide smooth deceleration and low reaction forces.

ACE Controls Shock Absorbers SC25-HC to SC650-HC

SC25-HC to SC650-HC

Energy capacity: 20 in-lbs/Cycle to 1200 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 0.16 in to 0.59 in

These miniature self-compensating shock absorbers are ideal for high-speed applications.  Engineered to offer a short stroke, quick time through stroke, quick rod-ready time and rapid repeat strokes. Compact high speed performance.

ACE Controls Shock Absorbers SC²25 to SC²190

SC²25 to SC²190

Energy capacity: 89 in-lbs/Cycle to 274 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 0.32 in to 0.47 in

'Soft contact' shock absorbers mount in any position and offer high energy absorption using piston tube technology and ACE's diaphragm seal.  These work well in applications where deceleration needs to take place close to the pivot point.   

ACE Controls Shock Absorbers SC²300 to SC²650

SC²300 to SC²650

Energy capacity: 650 in-lbs/Cycle to 1,860 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 0.59 in to 0.91 in

'Soft contact' shock absorbers offering high energy absorption using piston tube technology.  Up to three times the energy absorption compared to similar sizes of standard shock absorbers. 

ACE Controls Shock Absorbers PMC150 to PMC600

PMC150 to PMC600

Energy capacity: 175 in-lbs/Cycle to 1,200 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 0.50 in to 1.00 in

These self-compensating shock absorbers have a PTFE (Teflon) protective cap which protects against fluids and abrasive particles. Includes rolling diaphragm technology.  For harsh environments and as an alternative to SP type air bleed collars.

ACE Controls Shock Absorbers PMC150-V4A to PMC600-V4A Stainless Steel

PMC150-V4A to PMC600-V4A

Energy capacity: 175 in-lbs/Cycle to 1,200 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 0.50 in to 1.00 in

Much like the PMC150 to PMC600 these stainless steel versions of the shock absorbers offer similar features such as the PTFE protective cap and corrosion resistance for even more protection from harsh environments. 

ACE Controls Shock Absorbers 3/8 x 1

3/8 x 1

Energy capacity: 600 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 1 in

These 1" shock absorbers are adjustable using a front or a rear slot adjuster.  High energy capacity and a wide effective weight range means that this versatile shock absorber can handle a variety of applications. Side adjustment also possible.

ACE Controls Shock Absorbers PET20 to PET27

PET20 to PET27

Energy capacity: 500 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke: 0.68 in to 0.74 in

For PET stretch blow machines.Aluminium outer housings for better heat dissipation, improved high temperature seals, a diaphragm accumulator for faster cycle times and a larger damper chamber which is filled with food-grade oil.

Ace Controls Miniature Shock Absorbers

Miniature Shock Absorbers

Optimize your machines with these reliable, compact and maintenance-free shock absorbers that decelerate loads quickly and effectively without recoil.

MacScott Bond are please to offer these miniature shock absorbers from ACE controls.  Their popularity has seen these quality products be installed in industrial designs throughout the world.

These hydraulic machine elements are designed to be compact, maintenance-free and to easily and quickly be integrated in any design.  Some models can even be directly integrated in pneumatic cylinders. 

Shock absorbers reduce the load and increase the efficiency for handling devices, rotary and pivoting actuators, linear cylinders and many other industrial applications. ACE controls have designed these elements to ensure a long service life with innovative sealing techniques, shock absorber and inner pressure chambers fully machined from solid high tensile alloy steel.

Many of the shock absorbers offer self-compensation so they can react to changing energy conditions, without adjustment.

The rolling diaphragm technology perfected by ACE ensures complete separation of the damping fluid from the surrounding air making direct installation in a pressure chamber up to approx. 100 psi (7 bar) possible.

So take a look at the range miniature shock absorbers on offer.

All ACE controls CAD data is available online here.

Alternatively, you can download the ACE controls CAD Library for offline use.

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