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Globe Archimedes Compact Vane Motors

Globe Archimedes Compact Vane Motors

Why Choose a Globe-Archimedes Compact Vane Motor?

Stainless Steel models are available for use in aggressive environments and foodstuffs industry.

Mounting on the flange, the thread cut in the motors housing or on the motor housing itself.

High torques and low speeds of rotation possible in application with limited mounting space.

Small sized for hand held machinery.

Motors can be supplied directly coupled to a wide range of gearboxes for higher torques.

Directions of Rotations

The Globe Archimedes compact vane air motors are available in uni-directional and bi-directional models.  When the uni-directional air motor is used, it is sufficient to use a 2/2 or a 3/2 valve.  For the reversible motor you can use either a 5/3 or two 3/2 valves to gain directional control.

Our experienced staff are capable of selecting your motors based on your applications and can help you make the right choice.  Please use our selection form or call us to discuss your needs.


Globe Archimedes compact vane air motors are motors with incorporated reduction units.  They offer a unique form of drive with advantages including:

  • Simple inexpensive variable speed and torque control with a flow control valve and/or pressure regulator.

  • Indefinite stalling under load.  Air motors will not overheat or burn out.

  • Instantly reversible, operated with a simple control valve.

  • Controllable over a wide speed range.

  • Resistant to warm, dirty and damp conditions.

  • Cool running caused by the expanding air.

  • High reliability thanks to the low number of moving parts.

  • Compact and lightweight compared to equivalent electric motors.

  • No shock start up which improves the life span of your equipment.

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