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Miniature Shock Absorbers

Optimize your machines with these reliable, compact and maintenance-free shock absorbers that decelerate loads effectively.

Industrial Shock Absorbers

Decelerate loads evenly over the stroke of the shock absorber with what has been described as the reference standard for medium-sized damping technology.

Heavy Industrial Shock Absorbers

Choose between self-compensating and adjustable machine elements with these robust shock absorbers and reliably stop heavy loads with precision.


Profile Dampers

Affordable, compact and light.  These dampers are best in areas where other materials fail and high service life is essential.

Damping Pads

Available in any size (cut or molded) these pads can absorb static loads from 2 to 30 psi over large surface areas.


MacScott Bond is pleased to offer ACE Controls' damping solutions as a way to improve your machines. 

By converting kinetic energy to heat your machines will be faster, quieter, more durable, and ultimately, more profitable.

For your consideration we have available a wide selection of machine components, which reduce damaging forces.  Smooth deceleration of moving loads will lower possible stress on your equipment so let MacScott Bond help you to invest in these ACE controls damping products.

All ACE controls CAD data is available online here.

Alternatively, you can download the ACE controls CAD Library for offline use.

For more information on these ACE controls products please contact MacScott Bond.

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Please feel free to contact our sales team or one of our engineers for more information about how MacScott Bond can help you.


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