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Pneumatic Valves and Ancillary Components

Control Valves

SPX Flow (Fenner/ Globe)
Models: Remote Control Valve | Hand Control Valve | LC2 | PC2

Proportional control valves mounted directly to the RM range of air motors or with adaptor plates for the Gobe Vane air motors. These allow you change the speed and direction of the motors. Lever and Pendant controllers also available to interact with the motors.

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Relief Valves

Ross Controls
Models: High Flow | Miniature Series

Ross Controls Relief valves for flows up to 450 scfm (212l/s).


Air Piloted Parking Brakes

SPX Flow (Globe/Fenner)
Models: 112-900 | 212-900 | 312-900 | 412-920 | 512-900

These brake modules bolt directly onto the RM Range of motors have the same output interface. The brake consists of two spring-applied brake shoes pressed against a brake wheel, which is released once there is air pressure to the cylinder/piston assembly. The brake torque can be varied by means of two spring adjusters but it is normally set so that a pilot pressure of 4.1 bar / 60 psi will fully release it. Pressures below this level will progressively reduce the braking torque available.

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Silencers are an important component in pneumatic systems. For air motors the noise reduction is invaluable. We have sized silencers for most of our air motors to ensure that the power loss is minimal. However, we can offer a wider range of silencers for the more irregular applications. Let us know if you have a special requirement and we will assist with our suggestions.

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Control System

Full Control Systems

Please ask us about designing full pneumatic control systems for your application. We have provided design and builds of stainless air preparation standby assemblies, winch systems and more. These can be enclosed in cabinets to protect the equipment inside. As an engineering company that has been in the industry since 1975 we have a great wealth of expertise when it comes to designing pneumatic systems.

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